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Welcome to Icono Magazine where you can find up-to-date information on all things art,  design and marketing. From graphic design artists,  art marketing tips and the newest digital marketing trends. To a wide variety of art forms, marketing implementations and design ideas. 

Different Kinds Of Marketing

Different Kinds Of Marketing ↗

When it comes to marketing there are a lot of branches to talk about. From marketing artwork to digital marketing, we know marketing. Find out what digital marketing is, learn marketing tactics and more. Get ready to delve into a world of marketing as our virtual magazine features all things marketing including:

Email Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Marketing Automation

Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing Campaigns
Digital Advertising
And More! 

Design Information ↗

Icono Magazine specializes in all things design. Design encompasses a wide variety of topics. Everything from graphic design, artistic designs, marketing design, web design, building designs, product designs and more come to mind. 

Maybe you’re wondering what graphic design is, or want to know more about graphic design trends. Keep up on popular products and services in the world of design.

We feature everything from graphic design artists to product designers. Learn about design straight from the source. 

Why Art Is Important↗

As you well know, there are lots of different kinds of art. We are art enthusiasts that want to experience and talk about all things art.


From artistic creations to abstract renderings, art is all about feel. Art allows artists to express their inner feelings and emotions. At the same time evokes feelings and emotions in those that choose to experience it.

The art business is constantly evolving and changing. We want to keep you informed of what is new and exciting within the art world.